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Introducing HelloDoc Health Card

We bring India's most qualified doctors, pharmacies and labs to offer their services with amazing benefits.

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HelloDoc is a teleapp solution which brings doctors, hospitals, diagnostics labs, wellness centers, pharmacies and insurance onto a single platform to meet end to end needs of patients while providing discounted services at our partner centers all over India.

What we Offer

Tele Consultation
Health cover
Life Cover

Hellodoc Tele-consultation

The future challenge of the medical world is to enable healthcare access to remote locations to prevent unnecessary hospital trips and encourage savings. HelloDoc Tele-Consultation service helps patients to have easy access to doctors and healthcare institutions via phone whenever the need arises. This service allows you to talk to a doctor in case of health variation and provides assistance with resources to take more control of your health and lead a healthier life. Our service can connect you with multiple doctors or institutions for a more sound medical opinion, depending on your need. You will be provided instant access to an expert medical opinion by our network of specialists and top institutions through our application or by communicating with our customer support team.


Hellodoc Card

Health insurance is inevitable in today's inflation hit age. Medical costs are indeed rising at an unabated pace but have you ever wondered your health plan might as well have considerable gaps. Even a proper health policy will not pay for a tooth filling or a broken finger.

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Plans and Pricing.



Per Consultation

  • Tele Consultation 1
  • Annual Health Check-upNA
  • Partner DiscountNA
  • Accidental Death or disability NA
  • Accidental Medical Cover NA

Health Card


Per Year

  • Tele Consultation 5
  • Annual Health Check-up1
  • Partner Discount15-20%
  • Accidental Death or disabilityINR 10 Lakhs
  • Accidental Medical Cover 20000


  • 1. Being a physical card, it can be carried in your wallet all the time and can be used as and when needed
    2. Simple and usable in design, completely affordable.
    3. Accepted at 4000+ partner Hospitals pan India.
    4. You can buy individual, couple or family as your need arises.
    5. Network Providers list available on app.
    6. Professional concierge service for your help
    7. Use your HelloDoc Health Card at participating providers to get special and discounted plans for the health care treatments your family needs.
    Participating providers may offer a variety of payment plans for many procedures that aren't fully covered by insurance.

    — Hellodoc Card

  • 1. Tell the doctor about your medical history and ask questions.
    2. The specialist can ask you questions directly.
    3. You can hear first-hand about your diagnosis and treatment options
    4. Privacy and safety of your home.
    5. Upto 5 calls covered by HelloDoc Health Card
    6. Access to specialists and information that you might not readily have access to otherwise.

    —Tele- Consultation